Puddle Jumper

We’ve given our menu a touch up, and in the mix is a tasty new cider straight from Saskatchewan. Living Sky Winery has been growing and producing wines since the mid 2000’s and became available to public recently in 2010. With the Praries mainly known for its beer brewing, its fantastic to see an artisan winery popping up in Perdue. Puddle Jumper is a combo of tart, crisp and refreshing. Tartness comes form the thousands of pounds of freshly picked organically grown rhubarb, crispness and sweetness from organic raspberries. With the freshness of a sparkling wine Puddle Jumper is a perfect summer cider – and the best part is IT’S LOCAL! Join us at Duck Duck Goose and check it out! As they say at The Living Skies Winery, be social, drink local!